JudoTT Elections Results

It is our pleasure to inform you that in keeping with our constitution and the precepts of good governance Judo Trinidad and Tobago held its Annual General Meeting on August 28th 2016. During this meeting, elections were held and a new Management Committee was appointed. The positions now held are as follows:

President – Mr. Wedd Eastman (returning)

Vice President – Mr. Reinaldo Novoa Jr

Secretary – Mr. Gerard Hart

Assistant Secretary – Jelanie Boyce

Treasurer – Mr. Derek Hinds (returning)

Assistant Treasurer – Latesha Gill

Trustees – Mr. Glendell Antoine, Mr. Linus Brown (returning), Mr. Robert De Gannes.

Technical Director – Mr. Mark Littrean (returning)

National Coach – Mr. Joel Bernard (returning)

Refereeing Director – Mr. Wedd Eastman

Public Relations Officer – Mr. Nigel Lopez (returning)